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My name is Alexandre Mello

and I'm a VFX Artist & Motion Designer

_Hi there, nice to see you here. As I said before, I'm Alexandre and I work as a Digital Designer, in my case this means that I'm a VFX Artist and a Motion Designer and also a Video Editor.

_For the time being I'm living in Montréal (Québec, CA), but I'm currently looking for opportunities from all over Canada, it doesn't matter if that means moving to another place. I'm going to wherever life takes me.

_Open for new opportunities :Nowadays

_VFX and Editing (Fanshawe College/2020) :Education

_Bachelor of Design (PUC-Rio/2016)

_CCEAD PUC-Rio (Jul/2017 - Jul/2019) :Past Experiences

_SESC - National Department (Mar/2015 - Sep/2015)

_Montréal - Canada :Location

_Portuguese (born and raised) :Languages

_English (solid as a rock)

_French (débutant)


Open for new opportunities


VFX and Editing (Fanshawe College/2020)

Bachelor of Design (PUC-Rio/2016)

_Past Experiences

CCEAD PUC-Rio (Jul/2017 - Jul/2019)

SESC - National Department (Mar/2015 - Sep/2015)


Montréal - Canada


Portuguese (born and raised)

English (solid as a rock)

_French (débutant)

My repertoire

_Instead of tell you what I can do and how well I can do the specified thing using numbers, graphics or any other abstract method, I will let my work show you what I've made it so far. And also, here are a few suggestions for you to take a quick look.